Owning A DALE

When you’ve been so involved in the design and build of your boat, the day of the launch is as exciting as if you’d built it with your own hands.

The hand over is the beginning of your journey with DALE so we set aside a sufficient number of days for a full schedule of extensive familiarisation trials.

By the time of your first voyage you will be entirely comfortable with every aspect of the handling. You will be familiar with the operation of every component.

You have become part of a unique boating community.


And that’s just the start of your DALE experience…

To say we offer after sales care, would be a disservice to the people that will look after you. Perhaps we would be better to say “after sales undying attention”.

Our service personnel are also part of the build team so they know each boat inside out and are best people to take care of the programme of planned maintenance.

And should you require assistance, you’ll find that our “undying attention” extends to getting a member of your service team out to your boat, even if it’s overseas, to ensure it is maintained to the original build standards.