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With a V6 265hp lightweight turbo-diesel engine giving a 45 knot top-speed, electric acceleration and extremes-of-g cornering abilities the DALE 23 brings a level of exhilaration that delights in defying the way it looks!

“The driving experience of this boat isn’t just phenomenal for a yard
that hasn’t built a boat like this before, it’s phenomenal full stop.’’

DALE 23 Features

Magnificent ride and class leading handling

Hugo Andrae, editor of Motor Boat and Yachting, describes the handling of the DALE 23, “Despite the insane G forces, the hull refused to release its grip on the water. Whatever magic they are using to defy the laws of physics, it works.”

Chic Looks

Accomplished day cruiser. Thrilling sports boat. Chic superyacht tender. The DALE 23 can fulfill any role you ask of it, with timeless elegant looks that will always announce your arrival in style.

Advanced construction

The DALE 23’s superior performance and sea-keeping owes a lot to the Nelson heritage of its design, but these abilities are also helped by the method of construction.

The carbon fibre / e-glass / epoxy / foam composite using vacuum infusion method gives superior strength and rigidity for its weight as well as a higher stability of structure.

Superior finishes

Finish is by Awlgrip Awlcraft 2000 paint in the owner’s choice of colour. This offers superior UV resistance so this is a hull which will look as good in 10 years time as on the day it was launched.

Seating for 8

Even with a full complement of passengers the skipper has the reassurance of a hull with DALE’s famous Nelson heritage – if he or she finds the boat in a worsening sea, this TT Boat Designs hull has ample abilities in reserve.

Fancy an afternoon of watersports where everyone can join in? No problem – with eight guests onboard the electric acceleration still matches any sports boat for pull-out, and the solid hull provides a predictable wake.

Copious stowage

All around the boat, from the anchor locker to the stern, there is ample stowage for everything you will want to take – even for an extended day of cruising.

Meticulously engineered installations

The DALE engineers pay particular attention to the small details that make a big difference to experienced sea-goers – fuel tanks positioned to enhance stability, engraved labels identify components, controls positioned just as the owner wants them, bespoke electronics and cleats that with a business like style that tells everyone this is a serious sea boat.

DALE  23

Specification I Fuel Consumption & Speed

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Presentation Photos

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