Valued by those who know the sea

The sea-keeping qualities of a DALE are designed with the respect that comes from generations of experience.

The Nelson heritage gives our hulls a legendary combination of effortless performance, magnificent ride, predictable manoeuvrability and ease of handling.

The enjoyment is pure, the reassurance is total.


Relaxed comfort: The security of knowing the hull’s ultimate capabilities lie far beyond what you ever want to use makes cruising irresistible. A smooth ride means you will be happy to venture out in a wider range of conditions.

Performance: Our hulls perform without drama – there’s simply a smoothly controlled transition from standstill to seemingly effortless cruising speeds – with top speeds of 45 knots for the DALE 23, 32 knots for the Nelson 38, 35 knots for the Classic 35 and 45.
(Speeds dependent on engine specifications and fit out.)

Handling: The ease with which a DALE handles, from negotiating inland waterways to high speed cornering, continually reminds you that you are in absolute command.