Oct 10, 2018


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We are pleased to announce details of a second cabin option for our DALE 28.

The overwhelming comment from visitors at the Southampton show was how spacious the boat is for a 28ft model, particularly the full standing headroom in all areas including the forward cabin and toilet.

Also there were several requests for an additional cabin, so our first priority after the show was to get to the drawing board!


 Working in conjunction with the boat’s designer, Arthur Mursell of TT Boat Designs, we’re delighted to say that we can now announce a second cabin option for the 28 when a wheelhouse galley is specified.


The main features (see also General Arrangement below):-

  • The cabin will be accessed from the aft end of the forward cabin on the starboard side.
  • A standing headroom area in the second cabin achieved by extending the GRP moulding at the wheelhouse pilot position.
  • Maintaining the pilot seat position.
  • Height and space at the head of the berths by utilising space from the lower part of the galley.
  • An infill can be used to convert the triangular section at the head of the forward berth.
  • Stowage outboard and a hanging locker at the forward end of the second cabin.
  • The cabin will be much the same as the second cabin on the larger DALE 34 (shown in the photo below).


The DALE 28 that was at Southampton is now in Neyland and available for sea trial – the only way to truly appreciate the exceptional abilities of our hulls.


If you’d like any further information on either the standard boat or the two cabin option or would like to book a sea trial, please don’t hesitate to contact Mike Reynolds on +44 (0)1646 603112, +44 (0)7879 481717 or by email at: info@dalenelson.co.uk